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Written and directed by Melba LaRose

A project about walls around the globe and throughout time - why we build them, how we've lived with them (or not), what we dream will happen when they fall, and what really happens.


Workshops, Workshops, and more Workshops!

"You don't stop playing because you get old; you get old because you stop playing."

Creative Dramatics Workshop - Court Sweeting

This Creative Dramatics Workshop includes: theatre games, creating characters, theatre "tag"…and more for young and old. Court Sweeting is a program director and workshop leader at AHRC (special ed). He has creative drama and workshop training from the New School for Social Research and years of workshop experience in recreation and teaching environments.

Comedy & Improvisation Workshop - Kenny Wade Marshall

This workshop teaches participants the fundamentals of improvisation/comedy in three steps. It includes: Vocal/physical warm-ups, theatre games & improvisation, scenes/monologues. Physicality scaled to the level of participants. Kenny Wade Marshall is a professional actor/director/improviser/singer and writer. He is the co-founder of two improvisation/sketch comedy groups in New York and has appeared at various NYC comedy clubs.

Clown & Puppetry Workshop - Jean Hart

The Clown workshop will show you how to evolve a clown character, discover how to use ordinary objects as props, and develop a schtick (stage business). This workshop is best for physically able young people. The Puppetry Workshop shows you how to be a puppet maker, puppeteer, and playwright -- all at the same time. Jean Hart has studied clowning and mime in Montreal, Canada, where she was a member of Vingt-Quatre Heures des Clownes, a forerunner of Cirque du Soleil, before coming to New York to perform professionally. She holds two degrees in Dramatic Arts education and has taught Drama in elementary and high school.

Prose & Poetry Workshop - Cynthia Nibbelink

This workshop encourages adults to hone in on their writing skills. Cynthia Nibbelink, an award-wining poet and writer who has published two volumes of poetry, as well as numerous articles and short fiction, holds an MFA from the Iowa Writers' Workshop. She has taught literature and writing in schools and colleges for more than thirty years.

Workshops can be single sessions or more. An 8-week workshop can culminate in as how created by participants with training and guidance from the professional artist-teachers.